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Charlotte Stonestreet

Cyber security wake-up call


With cases like the WannaCry ransom wear being targeted at high profile organisations including the NHS, and more recently the latest version of Petya causing permanent and irreversible damage to disks in organisations stretching from law firms in the USA to construction companies in France hitting the headlines it seems as if the proliferation of cyber attacks is on a sharp upward trajectory.

Andy Pye

The road to digitalisation


Suppliers to manufacturing industry are queuing up to promote their respective views on the implications of digitalisation.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Back to the future


While some may argue that industry, manufacturing and technology – as covered in CDA – are not political issues (indeed, the CDA editorial team has had feedback from some readers indicating this view in no uncertain terms!), I am of the opinion that these subjects are of utmost political importance.

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