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Charlotte Stonestreet

Back to the future


While some may argue that industry, manufacturing and technology – as covered in CDA – are not political issues (indeed, the CDA editorial team has had feedback from some readers indicating this view in no uncertain terms!), I am of the opinion that these subjects are of utmost political importance.

Andy Pye

There's always be a human (while there's a warehouse lane....)


Last year, the World Economic Forum said that more than seven million jobs were at risk from advances in technology in the world’s largest economies over the next five years. The Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, however, set out an even more concerning path. He said that up to 15 million jobs in Britain alone are at risk of being lost to robots.

CDA Guest Blog

System Integrators are the vanguard of new technology adoption


‘When the client has explained what the goals of a project are then it is up to the System Integrator to translate those (usually function, price and performance) goals into a physical structure and a control platform - one that will not only deliver what the client is looking to achieve, but more often than not, also fit neatly into an existing control and management structure’.

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Charlotte Stonestreet

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Andy Pye

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