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Coreless DC motors

13 September 2018

Motion Control Products has introduced a new range of Coreless DC motors that, says the company, have some distinct advantages over standard DC motors. These include longer life expectancy, light weight, high acceleration, less vibration, less noise and operation at very low speeds.

The coil is formed as a thin hollow cylinder, rather than the coils being wound around a stack of laminations. The stator with its permanent magnets supplies the magnetic field flux and fits in the hollow centre of the winding. These features provide a much lighter weight motor in comparison to a conventional iron core DC motor. Also, Coreless DC versions are much more efficient, as there are no iron losses.

In addition, Coreless rotor technology means a smooth running, cog-free operation, with the low inertia rotor providing high dynamic, fast acceleration compared to iron core DC motors.

Motion Control Products offer these motors from as tiny as 4mm diameter, up to 50mm in the standard, motor only format. However, they can also be supplied with motor/gearbox combinations and with optional encoders.

Applications that benefit from the advantages of coreless DC motors include medical equipment, dialysis peristaltic and gear pumps, centrifugal blowers, lab centrifuges, shakers and stirrers , banking and office automation card readers, house automation, ticket printing/dispensing and much more.