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Precision & dynamics with piezo motors

08 October 2018

PI (Physik Instrumente), a solution supplier of high-precision positioning systems, has incorporated many positioning solutions originally developed for specific applications into its standard range of products.

Making it easier to select piezo-based positioning systems, the company has published a new 160 page clearly structured catalogue, providing an overview of the broad range of piezo-based single- and multi-axis standard positioning solutions with resolutions of down to below one nanometer.

With all of the technical data, drawings, and integration options listed, users are able to find the right solution for their positioning task. All piezo drives are self-locking, do not generate magnetic fields, are not disturbed by them, and can be easily integrated mechanically. Appropriate versions are also available for applications in vacuum.

The product portfolio presented under the title "Precision and Dynamics with Piezo Motor Stages" ranges from linear actuators and linear and XY stages, including special solutions for microscopy, through rotation stages, to parallel-kinematic systems and the corresponding motion controllers. The systems work either with Q-Motion piezo inertia motors, PILine ultrasonic motors, or PiezoWalk walking or PiezoMike linear drives.

The travel ranges are scalable up to about 25mm, at maximum velocities of 1 to 100 mm/s. In addition to the standard products, exemplary special developments and solutions for special markets are also presented; OEM users will find examples of application-specific integration options here. The catalogue is available for download at www.pi.ws or can be provided in printed form on request.