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Wittenstein Ltd

WITTENSTEIN’s customer focused mechatronic solutions are at the core of successful servo motion applications, offering the most reliable and creative choices for designers of high performing production equipment.

The innovators in servo gear technology, WITTENSTEIN continues to be the most advanced - making machines run faster, more efficient and more productive. WITTENSTEIN's portfolio includes precision gearheads, couplings, rack & pinion systems and linear/rotary actuators for any level of application.

Along with the standard product range WITTENSTEIN also create customised solutions, offering design expertise, from requirements definition through to systems integration and validation. Designing solutions with optimal power density and high reliability, our engineers are experienced in developing a highly dynamic motion control system.

WITTENSTEIN solutions are used in applications for alternative energy, robotics, packaging, nuclear, life sciences and aerospace. WITTENSTEIN products are everywhere – from satellites miles above the earth to crude oil extraction miles below.

Tel: 01782 286 427

Web: www.wittenstein.co.uk


SP+ / SP+ High Speed

The classic all-rounder among planetary gearheads.

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TP+ / TP+ High Torque - Compact precision

The compact top performer among planetary gearheads with an output flange.

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LP+/LPB+ Generation 3 – Innovation sets standards

Low-backlash planetary gearhead with an output shaft (LP+ Generation 3) or output flange (LPB+ Generation 3).

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alphira CP® – Simple precision

The alphira® gearhead combines proven gearing technology with the low-cost requirements of the economy segment.

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Hygienic Design

Reliably clean.

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TK+ / TPK+ / TPK+ High Torque

New right-angle precision as flange version Hypoid gearheads with many different variants as well as a TP+ compatible output flange and hollow shaft.

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alpha Value Line – Individual Talents

The alpha Value Line is universally suitable: it represents the most economical solution whatever the requirements for driving any axis in virtually any industry.

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HG+  - New hollow shaft precision

Hypoid gearhead family member with a hollow shaft on one or both sides

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V-Drive Value worm gearhead and V-Drive Advanced worm gearhead

Economical servo worm. Low backlash servo worm gearheads with output shaft and hollow shaft.

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SC+/SPC+/TPC+ bevel gearheads

The right-angle gearhead portfolio is rounded off at low ratios by the powerful bevel gearhead family.

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