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DELTA LINE: A WELL ESTABLISHED UNIQUE MOTION SOLUTION PLATFORM ACROSS EUROPE, offers a wide variety of products and solutions, intended to be used either as a single motion product within an application or as a complete motion solution. Products include: DC Coreless, BLDC Slotted and Slotless motors, hybrid, tin can and disc magnet stepper motors, linear actuators-captive and non-captive, spur, planetary and customized gearboxes, encoders and drives–intelligent, CAN, CANopen for DC, BLDC or and stepper motors.

From a simple component to a sophisticated motion solution, DELTA LINE will study the best solution for its customers. DELTA LINE integrates the more suitable Motion technologies with unique Custom design as from small quantities to larger volume.


Fulling 45BLW - The new BLDC flat motor

The new BLDC flat motors from Fulling are the ideal solution for many applications due to their compact, flat design (45 mm diameter; length <30mm).

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Fulling:  Range of 3 Phase stepper motors

Fulling presents the new range of 3 phase stepper motors.

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The new Nanotec catalogue is now available

The new Nanotec catalogue has been published.

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The new Portescap 22DCP DC motors deliver high speed-to-torque performance at optimised cost

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Portescap M Sense B Encoder

Portescap is introducing a new compact and accurate magnetic coder, M Sense B

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Portescap ULTRA EC

Portescap introduces three new ranges of Ultra EC™brushless motors

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New Fulling Catalogue: easy, clear & full of technical details

The new catalogue is an essential tool for all the electro/mechanical R&D engineers as it shows the detailed range of stepper and brushless motors which attract a very competitive price.

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