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Cyber Dynamic Line – Brushless Servo Motors

31 January 2018

Cyber dynamic line servomotors are the smart choice for limited space applications. These stainless deliver unparalleled performance, reliability and value from the smallest package.

With a protection class up to IP69K, the cyber® dynamic line is also suitable for use under adverse conditions. The drag-chain compatible, single-cable solution facilitates integration in machines; the stainless-steel housing and the high-strength connection of the motor gearhead combination ensure a high level of reliability, even with extreme loads. Through the option of decentralised use of the overall drive system, a wide variety of requirements can be addressed in a flexible manner.

The cyber® dynamic line is characterised by a high dynamic factor (maximum torque Mmax / mass inertia J) and performs short movements with frequent speed changes in an optimal manner (e.g. pick & place). This allows higher accelerations to be achieved together with shorter downtimes and cycle times in the machine. In addition to this productivity-increasing potential, the low inertia of the motor can help save energy and enhance efficiency.

The high efficiency of the drive system makes it well suited for battery-driven applications. Low losses contribute proactively to increased precision of the overall system. The low losses ultimately result in low heat development in the machine with high mechanical performance. Fewer cooling surfaces are required for heat dissipation, achieving significant installation space savings in the machine.