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High torque brake

11 October 2017

SG Transmission has successfully designed a customised brake with torque 25% higher than the industry average. The high torque, electromagnetic toothed brake is used to control the gate of a high security door access control system.

The design team at SG Transmission was approached by a manufacturer to increase the existing brake’s torque for security reasons, within the same space envelope to avoid any design changes.

With a torque of 250Nm, the brake has the power to prevent forced entry into restricted access areas. The innovative design incorporates teeth which have been carefully designed to carry the torque, ensuring the brake meets the highest safety and security standards.

Unlike solenoid bolts which are also used in access control systems, the toothed brake will not damage the gate if entry is forced. The brake is overridden and reset with a predetermined holding force. The electromagnetic toothed brake was also developed with a fail-safe mechanism to ensure safe access from the building in the event of a major power failure or emergency.

Clive Atkinson, design engineer at SG Transmission, said: “This was an interesting project as the new design had to fit inside the exact space of the existing brake, whilst being strong enough to hold a ballistic glass gate. We used the teeth to achieve the high torque in order to support the weight of the door.”

The high torque, toothed brake is suitable for construction applications including cranes and machine tools where an extremely high holding force is required.