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EPLAN launches direct interface with Siemens TIA Portal

12 October 2017

A new connection between EPLAN Electric P8 and the TIA Portal from Siemens is now available. With EPLAN’s TIA Portal Connection and TIA Portal Openness, data can now be exchanged bi-directionally between electrical engineering and automation engineering.

Users can edit and compare data at every stage in the project, and automatically generated data in EPLAN Electric P8 includes schematics, PLC overviews, and hardware configurations as well as network designs.

The central function of the new EPLAN Electric P8 and Siemens TIA Portal connection is the consistent transfer of detail data for engineering automation systems. With the bi-directional TIA Portal Connection from EPLAN, data can be imported or exported into both worlds of automation engineering and electrical engineering. Relevant data can be easily exchanged between the different workstations of electrical engineers and PLC programmers. Both can freely determine when they utilise the data from the other discipline, and place it at the others disposal. This allows the controlled exchange of information, even for self-contained preliminary work, and proves crucial for revision processes.

TIA Portal Connection is based on Automation ML – a modern, neutral and universal format for data exchange according to IEC 62424/IEC 62714. This technology is becoming a standard for automation.

For more information please visit www.eplan.co.uk