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Practical weighing guide

02 May 2018

To help manufacturers improve efficiency without losing quality, Mettler Toledo is has produced a new practical weighing guide entitled “Efficient Workflows in the Chemical Industry.” The guide addresses how the adoption of lean processes combined with smart automation can accelerate many common laboratory procedures.

Weighing is the first step in virtually any analysis. Therefore, optimising the process—for example, weighing directly into tare containers—has a positive impact for subsequent steps. Likewise, errors or unmet standards that remain unaddressed at this stage can multiply down the line, causing rework, costly lost batches, or consumer liability.

The guide explores six common lab workflows in the chemical-industry where weighing plays an integral role and advises how optimum productivity can be achieved by carefully analysing these procedures to identify and eliminate inefficiencies.

The hints and tips for faster, more accurate handling included in the guide are often complemented by automation. One example is smart laboratory software that incorporates step-by-step guidance for users to eliminate manual errors. Results are then saved automatically to further streamline the weighing process. This saves time and resources while maintaining the highest possible quality in the end product.

To identify potential pitfalls in your current processes and effectively streamline workflows in your quality control lab, R&D or production lab, download  new free weighing guide for the chemical industry here.