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ABB achieves IE6 hyper-efficiency with magnet-free motors

25 June 2024

ABB IS reported to be the first manufacturer to offer the anticipated IE6 efficiency level in a magnet-free SynRM design. This is the latest development in the well-proven SynRM technology that ABB pioneered in 2011.

The motors will appeal to innovative customers who want to future-proof their fleet by adopting the highest level of energy efficiency commercially available. Early adopters of IE6 hyper-efficiency motors will reap the benefits of reduced energy costs and increased productivity while moving ahead of current sustainability targets.

“Motor-driven systems in industrial facilities are major users of electricity and therefore maximizing their efficiency offers huge potential to cut emissions and help meet climate change targets. Using our new magnet-free SynRM motors reaching efficiency levels expected for future IE6 will also take energy savings to the next level,” says Stefan Floeck, division president IEC Low Voltage Motors, ABB Motion. “SynRM is a perfect example of the commitment to innovation built into our DNA. Because the IE6 SynRM is the same size as the equivalent IE3 induction motor it is an easy and straightforward replacement for legacy motors. That makes it possible for customers to upgrade to modern, high efficiency products to future-proof their operations in a world of fluctuating energy costs.”

ABB’s wide range of SynRM motors has set the benchmark for magnet-free design. Their efficiency has progressed through IE4 to the IE5 versions launched in 2019. IE6 is assumed to be the next logical step that demonstrates the capability and technical superiority of SynRM technology. Despite not yet being specified in any official industry-wide standard, so far, each higher IE efficiency class has had 20 percent lower energy losses than the previous one, and ABB has continued this approach with the IE6 SynRM.

SynRM combines the performance of PM motors with the simplicity and service-friendliness of induction motors to achieve high energy efficiency that ensures a short payback time. The rotor has neither magnets nor windings and suffers virtually no power losses. The design also requires no rare earth metals and offers a high level of usability due to the wide availability of suitable variable speed drives (VSDs) to provide the required control capabilities.

ABB SynRM motors are part of the ABB EcoSolutions product portfolio that enables customers and partners to make more sustainable choices by providing enhanced transparency about each product’s circularity value and environmental impact. This ensures informed and responsible decision-making. Products within the portfolio comply with a set of key performance indicators defined in ABB’s circularity framework and carry an external, third-party verified environmental product declaration (ISO 14025 Type III).

The magnet-free SynRM motors are just one element in ABB’s comprehensive premium portfolio of high-performance motors that incorporates over 140 years of domain expertise to ensure maximum reliability combined with a commitment to sustainability. Recognizing that a single technology is not the answer to all customer needs, ABB aims to master all motor technologies. That is why, in addition to SynRM, ABB can also achieve expected levels for future IE6 efficiency with PM and PMaSynRM technology - a hybrid technology that pairs the SynRM design with a permanent magnet “boost”. This offers the right solution based on a comprehensive range of hyper-efficient technology building blocks to meet every segment- and application-specific need.