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Charlotte Stonestreet

Watch this space


When is comes to the space sector, while it might be NASA with its Mars Rovers and planet-hunting probes, or Elon Musk’s SpaceX and its Falcon Heavy megarocket that grab the headlines, the contribution made by the UK’s space industry should not be underestimated. Indeed, the sector has seen significant growth in income, exports and employment in recent years, with total income now standing at £14.8 billion.


Bottleneck eliminated


When growth at Korean firm Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co meant order processing and picking lines were too slow to handle the orders in time, system integrator SMCORE proposed the Avancon ZPC-Conveyor concept.

Andy Pye

Overcoming the Iceberg Effect


The case for investing in robotic process automation (RPA) seems incredibly strong. In practically every business, employees spend many hours per week undertaking repetitive manual tasks with data, such as copying and pasting, and capturing and rekeying. In the manufacturing environment, this is often even more prevalent.

Andy Pye

A symbol of hope


The UK is ambitious to increase its trade with the rapidly emerging economies, and is prepared to prioritise it over maintaining trading levels with its established trading partners.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Automation gets a bad press - again


There is a problem here in the UK with the way some of the mainstream media portrays robotics and automation. Take for example the Sun’s recent coverage of the latest wearable safety technology being rolled out to warehouse workers at 25+ sites belonging to online giant, Amazon.

CDA Guest Blog

Auto-mate: Why automation can be a business’s best friend


Automation and the manufacturing/production industries are no strangers; they’ve been bosom buddies since the 1970s and have been quietly reshaping business for almost half a century. Few sectors have embraced automation so much and for so long. However, the world is changing and some within the sector are being left behind.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Essential up-skilling


With the engineer recruitment crisis continuing seemingly unabated and, in all probability, Brexit exacerbating the situation, the need to encourage more young people to study STEM subjects and subsequently pursue a corresponding career has been widely acknowledged. Whether or not such efforts ultimately prove a success remains to be seen, but in the meantime employers in the industrial sector could do much worse than to look at their existing workforces and make sure that they are achieving to

Andy Pye

Robots trapped between a rock & a hard place


The dilemma posed by robotics is highlighted by two reports published this month. A report in the Luxembourg Times notes that an increased use of robots is probably behind a decline in total employment rates in 11 emerging Eastern European countries. Conversely, the UK, the lack of investment is making industries uncompetitive.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Manufacturing at increased risk of cyber attacks


It seems that cyber crime is never far from the headlines, once again hitting the front-pages recently when Dutch military intelligence thwarted a Russian cyber-attack on the headquarters of the international chemical weapons watchdog. While such incidents rightly gain much press coverage, it is important to remember that cyber security is important across the board and not just in matters of international security.

Andy Pye

Green technology: what the Government giveth, so Brexit taketh away


Launched on the same day last month (12th September) were two industrial initiatives, the Green Task Force Alliance and the EURIS report on the effects of a no-deal Brexit.