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BARA (British Automation And Robot Asscoiation)

Navigating the automation journey


The last insight from George Thompson, chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA)

Charlotte Stonestreet

Let's not drive automotive into the ground


AS THE editor of a magazine with the word ‘drives’ in its title, my inbox always has more than its fair share of car-related press releases, and while many of them do not have a huge amount of relevance to the core CDA remit, I do enjoy the occasional sojourn into the world of the MG Cyberstar or Everrati’s redefined electric Porsche 911.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Science and tech superpower on the horizon?


THOSE OF you with half an eye on the news may well be aware of the government’s latest scheme to boost UK science and technology - the Science and Technology Framework.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Energy uncertainty continues


THE WEEK the government has announced a new Energy Bills Discount Scheme, ahead of the current scheme ending in March. The new scheme will mean all eligible UK businesses and other non-domestic energy users will receive a discount on high energy bills until 31 March 2024.

BARA (British Automation And Robot Asscoiation)

Automation is key to reshoring


George Thompson, chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA) looks at the environmental case for reshoring, and how automation can be a key enabler

Charlotte Stonestreet

The perennial productivity puzzle


As I have recently discovered, one of the great things about being the editor of a bi-monthly magazine, means that one issue cycle can encompass three different UK Prime Ministers.

BARA (British Automation And Robot Asscoiation)

We need to automate more!


Chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA), George Thompson looks at how the UK needs increased levels of automation to be more competitive on the world stage

Charlotte Stonestreet

Bracing for a bleak winter


By the time you read this, there will be a new Prime Minister in the UK. No matter if it’s Sunk or Truss who takes the helm, perhaps their biggest challenge will be the energy crisis which, while worldwide, does seem to be affecting the UK, at least in terms of costs, rather more severely than many economically comparable nations.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Have you started your net zero journey?


IF YOU haven’t already realised, it is becoming increasingly clear that if global warming is to be kept to a point that avoids catastrophic events, drastic and immediate action needs to be taken across all sectors.

Charlotte Stonestreet

...and along comes the next challenge


WELL, they say things come in threes and with the pandemic, Brexit and now war in Europe, we certainly seem to have the holy trinity of all challenges, not just for the industrial sector, but for society at a whole.