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Charlotte Stonestreet

Bracing for a bleak winter


By the time you read this, there will be a new Prime Minister in the UK. No matter if it’s Sunk or Truss who takes the helm, perhaps their biggest challenge will be the energy crisis which, while worldwide, does seem to be affecting the UK, at least in terms of costs, rather more severely than many economically comparable nations.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Have you started your net zero journey?


IF YOU haven’t already realised, it is becoming increasingly clear that if global warming is to be kept to a point that avoids catastrophic events, drastic and immediate action needs to be taken across all sectors.

Charlotte Stonestreet

...and along comes the next challenge


WELL, they say things come in threes and with the pandemic, Brexit and now war in Europe, we certainly seem to have the holy trinity of all challenges, not just for the industrial sector, but for society at a whole.

BARA (British Automation And Robot Asscoiation)

Automation & sustainability go hand in hand


George Thompson, chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA), looks at how automation can bring key benefits in the drive for sustainability

Charlotte Stonestreet

CDA celebrates 10 years


This year Controls, Drives & Automation celebrates its 10th Anniversary. They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and I think that this must be true as it certainly doesn’t feel as if ten years have passed since I was brought on board to edit the first issue!

BARA (British Automation And Robot Asscoiation)

There's more to automation than robots


In the first of his new regular columns for Controls, Drives & Automation, the recently appointed chairman of the British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA), George Thompson looks at industrial automation beyond robots, and the importance of integrator knowledge

Charlotte Stonestreet

UK industrial robot sales on the up


Emersed in the world of Controls, Drives & Automation as I am, where I get to see a huge range of positive stories about the latest automation technologies and applications, it’s sometimes easy to forget that the UK is not actually a particularly ‘automated’ nation, at least in comparison with many other developed countries.

Charlotte Stonestreet

3D printing motors on


3D printing - also referred to as additive manufacturing - is not new. Indeed, it has been used been used for rapid prototyping in, for example, the automotive and aerospace, sectors and for tooling for upwards for upwards of 30 years. Then along came Industry 4.0, and additive manufacturing was identified by some as having the potential to transform the manufacturing process itself.

Charlotte Stonestreet

Industry FOMO has to be a good thing, right?


A recent survey of 300 managers, directors and higher-level executives from the industrial manufacturing community across the UK, USA, France and Germany by Ubisense has found that amongst those surveyed, almost half (46%) feel they are being left behind when they see industry peers roll out Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, despite more uncertainty of the value, benefits and role of the internet of things in their assembly processes compared to 2020.

Charlotte Stonestreet

We have the technology...


THIS WEEK, a report from the  International Energy Agency has concluded that if the world hopes to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by mid-century, nearly half the cuts will have to come from technologies currently only in the demonstration or prototype phase or not yet commercially available.