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ODU - not your average connector manufacturer

The Company - for more than 75 years, ODU has been a problem-solving designer of premium connectors. From medical magnetic-resonance imaging to military radio headsets, the connector systems developed and manufactured by ODU are found in all industry sectors, all around the world. Headquartered in Mühldorf Germany, the ODU Group has an international production and distribution network throughout Europe, North America, and Asia.

History - in 1937, Otto Dunkel built the first ionospheric transmitters, broadcasting messages into the atmosphere, to be reflected and then received in another location. These transmission presented many challenges, particularly with the plug contacts of the broadcasting system. Looking out his window one day, Dunkel saw a man with a twig-broom sweeping up leaves and this gave him the idea for an entirely new type of contact – the springwire contact. A year later Dunkel patented his invention - the deflecting pin contact - now known around the world as ODU SPRINGTAC.  

Multiple, individually-operating, springwires are incorporated into each contact, even the smallest 0.76mm dia contact has 15 springwires, each in contact with the pin, ensuring an extremely high number of mating cycles and stable low contact resistance.

Probably best known for their miniature military push-pull connectors, ODU have, since 2002, supplied more than 100,000 helmet connectors to the UK Bowman military communications programme, without a single reported connector failure.

Technology transfer to the industrial market
Recently, ODU have taken developments from their military connector range and incorporated them into a major expansion of their ODU-MAC® modular industrial connector range. Now, three variants provide the ultimate pick'n'mix - whether power [inc high-voltage & high-current], data/signals, coax, high-speed data, fibre-optics and other media such as air and fluids – all can be incorporated. 

ODU-MAC Silver-Line 
The all-rounder for automatic docking -  six docking-frame types, each in customizable lengths, with multiple modules including 30 high-speed data options. Customers report no failures in the docking frame version even after more than one million mating cycles.

ODU-MAC White-Line
The option for manual mating - same technical performance as Silver-Line, but in a choice of metal and plastic housings, with snap-in, spindle or lever locking. 

ODU-MAC Blue-Line 
Tool-free and clip-mounted for on-site assembly, with loading/unloading of the crimp contacts possible even after assembly.

For more information on the ODU-MAC® modular industrial connector range, visit: http://www.odu-uk.co.uk/products-solutions/modular-connectors/

ODU can deliver complete system solutions to its clients from a single source, including the connector, matching interface housing and, if needed, the complete cable assembly. For perfect connections and to find out more about ODU and the ODU-MAC modular rectangular connector – get in touch:-

ODU UK Ltd   tel: 0330 002 0640  sales@odu-uk.co.uk   www.odu-uk.co.uk 


New: ODU MINI-SNAP® for SPE / Automotive Ethernet

The ODU MINI-SNAP® SPE enables Ethernet connection via a single twisted-pair of copper cables, with voltage supply of terminal devices via PoDL [Power over Data Line].

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ODU Connectors

New flash-drive added to ODU AMC® military connector range

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ODU Connectors – The IEC 60601-1 Compliant ODU MINI-SNAP®

THE ODU MINI-SNAP® portfolio includes inserts that are specifically designed to comply with the levels of user and patient protection prescribed in the IEC Standard IEC 60601-1 (2 MOOP / 2 MOPP) – making them the first choice for anyone looking for a circular connector with a metal housing for medical applications.

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ODU Connectors - AMC® Series T offers three locking variants in one connector

A NEW addition to the ODU Connectors' Advanced Military Connector range, the AMC® Series T offers three locking variants in one connector.

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