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05 March 2018

Enabling comfortable and flexible operating and assembly concepts, FSG Fernsteuergeräte has introduced the new 2020 industrial joystick for construction machinery.

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18 August 2016

Designed for use in the Aerial Work Platform (AWP) market, Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial division has launched the JC4000 joystick.

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08 February 2016

The JFT fingertip joystick from elobau is a single axis joystick which has been designed for use in control panels and armrests.

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17 November 2015

The industrial division of Curtiss-Wright Corporation has launched the JC1200, a next-generation, cost-effective paddle joystick from the Corporation’s brand family of Penny & Giles. 

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17 October 2014

An important part of its switching and sensing solutions product range, Herga Technology designs and supplies hand and foot controls for medical equipment applications. Single and multi-pedal switch control solutions cover contact and non-contact electric switching as well as pressure and vacuum switching technologies.

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08 January 2014

All-terrain electric wheelchair designer and manufacturer, Molten Rock, is putting Variohm EuroSensor's ELPM linear position sensor to full use on its the ruggedised Boma7 off-road wheelchair.

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23 October 2012

Designer and manufacturer of joystick controllers, solenoids and high precision sensing technology, Penny + Giles, has introduced a new multifunctional handle/grip for its JC8000, JC6000 and JC1500 ranges of rugged joystick controllers.

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21 September 2012

Penny + Giles, has produced a new shortform brochure for its joystick controllers, sensors and solenoids and solenoid valves

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