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Alrad is a provider of high quality scientific equipment to industry, research and medical establishments. Our main product areas cover Machine Vision components, Optical Detectors, Laser Products, Thermal Imaging and Medical equipment.

Trading since 1970 we are based in Newbury in Berkshire in the south of England.

Through our five trading divisions, Alrad Imaging, Alrad Electronics, Alrad Photonics, Alrad Thermal and Alrad Medical we offer thousands of product items from the world's leading manufacturers.

We also provide installation, demonstration, and product support services. 

Many of our principals we represent as a sole distributor in the UK. Some of these exclusive companies have been with us since the 1970s so you see many of our distribution agreements have been in place for a very long time and that must say something about the service we offer. The products and service we provide open up new opportunities for our customers to improve quality, automation, productivity and service and that is why many of our existing customers have been experiencing ALRAD high quality service for decades.

Alrad employ experienced staff to help our customers generate a competitive edge for their companies backed by world class products.



ALRAD has knowledgeable and well trained staff who have many years of  applications experience in the fields of Machine Vision, Industrial Imaging, Photonics, Electronics and Medical products.

We have a wealth of suppliers from across the globe whom are experts in their product field

Our suppliers are leaders in new technology 

Alrad is a leading member of the UK Industrial Vision Association who are Britain's most foremost vision group

Buy from Experts - Buy with confidence.



Alrad has a history of passionately striving to provide its customers with the best possible service. 

The suppliers we use are all vetted via our in-house quality management system which is recognised by ISO9001:2015 certification through the Approachable Registered organisation. Certificate Number 10852



Industrial Machine Vision cameras

Selecting the correct camera for a Machine Vision application can be a daunting task. In this article we feature just a few of our extensive range …

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Applications for Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Imaging has been in the spotlight recently because of the COVID19 pandemic, but measuring human temperatures is only one of a wide range of…

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ALRAD Photonics - Lasers as positioning aids

ALRAD Photonics - Laser applications for industrial trucks: Greater safety and precision fewer accidents and lower costs.

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ALRAD Photonics Presents the Structured Light Pattern Generating Laser

ALRAD Instruments is pleased to present the Coherent StingRay Developer’s Kit supporting eight (8) different pattern configurations from a simple dot to line lengths of 0.5 meters and delivering optical power from 1 mW to 100 mW whilst maintaining the highest level of performance and reliability.

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Intelligently Designed mounting solutions for machine vision and automation systems

Do you have problems reliably mounting cameras, lights, sensors, robotic tools etc. in your industrial application and want a sure way of avoiding those nasty cable breaks that can cause you hours of downtime?

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GigE Zoom Cameras now available with 12X, 20X and 30X Optical Zoom

The Imaging Source has introduced a brand new family of GigE zoom cameras featuring 12X, 20X and 30X optical zoom options..

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ALRAD Instruments - The Imaging Source Industrial Cameras

The Imaging Source is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial cameras, frame grabbers and video converters for production automation, quality assurance, logistics, medicine, science and security.

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Embedded vision systems with AI and Deep Learning capability

ALRAD supports the new MIPI CSI-2 and FPD-Link III Modules from The Imaging Source. These new compact MIPI camera modules directly execute colour correction and post processing tasks such as noise reduction, sharpening, colour correction and image scaling via the ISP of the target embedded platform.

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ALRAD has partnered with BlueVision Ltd. of Japan to provide advanced Visible and SWIR spectroscopic imaging cameras which use their proprietary prism optics to combine up to 2,3 or 4 separate sensors into one camera package.

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Terahertz Linear Imaging Cameras

Have you considered Terahertz Imaging for your automation conveyor line, laboratory or non-destructive testing environment ? The new 300 GHz linear scanner from Terasens is one of the latest developments in high-speed Terahertz imaging and is supplied in the UK and Ireland by ALRAD Imaging.

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