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Machine vision mounting solutions

24 April 2020

Addressing the need to reliably mount cameras, lights, sensors, robotic tools and the like in industrial applications and avoid cable breaks that can cause hours of downtime, is Alrad Imaging's Swivellink mounting system.

The Swivellink mounting system saves time and money, offering an easy to assemble, robust way neatly route all cabling internally. Solutions are available to mount cameras, sensors, monitors and robotic arm components as well as mounts for workbenches and tables.

Mounting plates are available for all makes of cameras, smart cameras and vision systems. Not does it offer multiple configurations, but the creative approach means the system can be manipulated to suit the individual application. Swivellink is now offered in three different sizes – XS, Standard, and Heavy Duty – and comes in metric or imperial versions (Heavy Duty only available in imperial sizes).

A selection of products is also available for robots, such as a range of pedestals, mounting plates and teach pendant holders for general mounting of all manufacturers’ arms and also for some specific manufacturers such as Fanuc, Universal and Yaskawa.

The Swivellink product line has been used for hundreds of different applications in all types of industries. At Swivellink the goal has always been to intelligently design a sturdy yet flexible product line that will solve your automation problems. Find an appropriate mounting solution at: https://alrad.com/collections/swivellink

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