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CLPA outlines open development ecosystem for CC-Link IE TSN

03 April 2019

The CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) is taking the opportunity to outline the comprehensive range of CC-Link IE TSN development options at Hannover Messe 2019. The extensive offering is intended to remove all barriers to product development for this ground-breaking new open industrial Ethernet technology.

CC-Link IE TSN, the CLPA’s latest open industrial Ethernet technology, combines Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Gigabit bandwidth in order to support challenging Industry 4.0 applications. In order to assure market success, the CLPA is announcing a broad spectrum of different device development options from a range of respected industry players who are also CLPA partners. These companies are already providing industry leading platforms that have found wide acceptance in the market. Hence they are also the ideal choice to offer industry standard development options to automation vendors who wish to add CC-Link IE TSN connectivity to their products.

Currently, the line-up of partners who are planning to offer this support includes: Hilscher, HMS, MESCO, Mitsubishi Electric, port, Renesas and SILA Embedded Solutions. Discussions are on-going to add further well known development partners to this list. The idea is to make sure that regardless of what platform vendor a device maker may be using in their products, the CLPA will be able to offer a solution that fits with their existing design methodology.

Having a wide range of partners is only part of the puzzle. An equally wide range of development options is also essential. To address this, the CLPA is making sure that no matter what kind of design approach a device vendor has in mind, there will be a CC-Link IE TSN development solution that fits. To this end, devices can be developed using 100Mbit or gigabit Ethernet physical layers. This is complemented by hardware or software stack based designs. The final piece of the puzzle consists of being able to take these options and use them to develop master or slave devices, meaning that all possible approaches are covered.

John Browett, general manager at CLPA Europe, explains: “With CC-Link IE TSN, no matter what kind of products device manufacturers have in mind, CLPA has a development option available. As we go forward, we will see the range of possibilities increase even further, as other common development approaches are added and new partners join the line-up. In this way, we can continually evolve and expand the development ecosystem for CC-Link IE TSN.”