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Keller UK Ltd

KELLER feels a strong connection to its home of Switzerland. Its headquarters are where the value is added and where most of our employees work. As a result, all KELLER products bear the quality seal 'Made in Switzerland' and embody the Swiss values of quality, functionality and reliability.


At home anywhere in the world

As a company that operates on an international scale, KELLER AG is represented at a number of locations around the globe. Because we are committed to offering the best service to our customers, you will always receive advice in your local language. KELLER has ten branches in Europe, Asia, South America and the USA. Various representatives and distributors also support our branches in other countries.


KELLER supply Pressure Sensors to all industries and applications, we are specialist in the following areas, Refrigeration, Oil & Gas 'down-hole', Water Depth, Hydraulics, Autoclave Sterilisers, Oceanology.

Any pressure range from 10mbar, up to 1500 bar.

Standard outputs 4..20mA, 0..10V, 0.5..4.5V, and Digital RS485.

Standard operating temperatures 10..40°C, -10..80 °C, 20..120 °C, others on request


Series 9LD

The pressure transmitters of the 9LD series use the chip-in-oil technology developed by KELLER, uniting a pressure measuring cell, digital temperature compensation and signal processing in a compact housing made of stainless steel or Hastelloy.

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Serie 33X

The pressure transmitters of the 33X series use digital compensation with a mathematical model to achieve exceptional accuracy of 0,05 %FS – in the temperature range from 10 to 40 °C, this value even corresponds to the total error band.

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Series 21Y

The pressure transmitters of the 21Y series have no internal seal and a high insulation voltage of 300 VDC, and are extremely resistant to environmental influences.

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Custom Solutions

Wherever pressure sensors are needed, a solution can normally be found in the KELLER standard product catalog.

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Series 10L

The pressure transducers of the 10L series have a robust housing made of stainless steel, giving them optimum long-term stability for a range of OEM applications.

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The compact LEO2 digital manometers are budget-friendly and provide high accuracy.

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The high-accuracy LEO-Record digital manometers can record pressure and temperature autonomously for long periods thanks to their memory function.

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Series 26Y

The level sensors of the 26Y series are budget-friendly, but still offer high accuracy and excellent long-term stability.

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Series 36XW

In the high-precision level sensors of the 36XW series, the temperature dependence and nonlinearity are precisely compensated for in the microcontroller by means of a mathematical model.

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Series 36XiW-CTD

The high-precision multi-parameter probes of the 36XiW-CTD series measure conductivity and temperature as well as pressure, along with the depth of bodies of water.

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