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Make UK announces partnership with Vauban Group

18 March 2019

Make UK has announced a new partnership with Vauban Group to develop and deliver new cyber security services to its members.

Manufacturing companies are the third most frequent victim to cybercrime, behind only banks and Government departments, yet they are the least protected of all sectors against attack, the consequences of which can be devastating.

With manufacturing on the cusp of the fourth industrial revolution, the imperative to get this right has never been greater. Advances in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things are already impacting upon every aspect of manufacturing. This represents a huge opportunity for UK businesses if they are able to exploit these technological advances, but a massive security risk if they do not.

Yet Make UK reports from talking to its members, that growing concern over cyber-attacks can be an inhibitor to investment in digital technology. And with half of manufacturers telling the organisation that they have at some time been subject to cyber-attack, this vulnerability is ever more real. Responding to these concerns, Make UK's and Vauban's new services have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the manufacturing community, helping businesses quantify their risk and take affirmative action to mitigate against it. The new services will also help members demonstrate their cyber security safeguards to customers and suppliers, an ever more necessary requirement for businesses to operate in the maufacturing sector.
Make UK has selected Vauban as our partner because they are dedicated to delivering world-class, business-centric and risk-led solutions that address current, and mitigate against future cyber security threats. As the pilot phase of the new services, 100 Make UK members having been selected at random to participate. Members selected for the pilot are being offered a free cyber security assessment to identify specific risks to their organisation and will receive a report with recommendations against it. If you have not been selected but would nevertheless like to participate in the pilot programme, please contact Sarah Stein on sstein@makeuk.org
Commenting Stephen Phipson, CEO of Make UK, The manufacturers’ organisation said: “With the risk of cyber-attack ever burgeoning, manufacturers need to be urgently take steps to protect themselves. As a sector, if we fail to get this right it could cost UK economy many millions of pounds in lost revenue and missed opportunity.

“Recognising Make UK’s vital role in supporting manufacturers to meet this challenge, I am pleased to announce our new partnership with Vauban Group. Vauban are experts in delivering tailored cyber security solutions to their customers and we have been working with them to develop tools and services that are bespoke to manufacturing, providing our members with new levels of confidence that they can comprehensively and efficiently address this risk.”

Commenting, Mitch Scherr, CEO of Vauban Group, said: “As we enter into the fourth industrial revolution it is imperative that UK manufacturers have effective cyber defences in place to mitigate against the increasingly sophisticated cyber threats we’re seeing today. We congratulate Make UK for their  leadership in this area and look forward to working with them to protect their members, all who positively contribute towards the UK’s future growth and prosperity.

“Working closely with Make UK, Vauban Group will design and deliver services and solutions that will meet both the business and cyber security needs of all manufacturers, including SMEs, ultimately improving the resilience of the UK’s manufacturing industry."