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LG Motion Ltd

LG Motion Ltd based in Basingstoke design, develop and manufacture motion control technology components and systems to meet the exacting requirements of research and academic institutions and the wider industry. 


The product range encompasses a wide range of standard and bespoke motion control systems and will highlight Arcus Technology units, SMAC Units, LG series of Positioning Slides.


From small and simple stepper motor systems to the sophisticated platforms for controlling and synchronising servo motors, LG Motion also integrates components and systems from a number of renowned global partners such as Airex, Precision Motion Dynamics, Velmex, Heidenhain, Schneeberger and Empire Magnetics.

For more information on LG Motion products and services please contact us:

Tel: +44 (0) 1256 365600



Arcus NEMA11 Microstep Motor

LG Motion launch new fully integrated microstep motor controller from Arcus technology

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King of Unislide

Alan Gustar – King of the Unislides at LG Motion

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Linear Airex

New Compact Linear Motor available from LG Motion

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Schneeberger Miniscale

Schneeberger’s MINISCALE miniature linear motions guideways with position feedback now available from LG Motion Ltd

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MR4S from Scheenberger

LG Motion launch new improved roller guideway MR 4S from Schneeberger

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UniSlide Linear Slides from LG Motion – tried and tested linear motion products

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Looking for a compact low cost linear positioning stage? LG Motion has the answer with XSlide™

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