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AVEVA's industrial software available via subcription

01 December 2022

IT IS now possible to unlock the full suite of AVEVA's world-class software via the newly launched Flex subscription programme – a simple credits-based system covers the entire comprehensive portfolio with a mix of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises solutions, spanning engineering and operations.

With a pay-as-you-use approach, teams are able to accelerate digital transformation, test new software without extended licensing, and empower operators to scale solutions as it is needed.

Andy Graham, solutions manager, SolutionsPT, says: “Companies can be bound to specific software licenses for a long-time and this can actually hinder digital transformation progress. Operators on the plant floor or in the control room may have a clearly defined path they want to pursue, or might simply want to test a new solution and see how it impacts operations but outdated purchasing models will prohibit them from exploring all that AVEVA has to offer.

"Companies seeking a rapid digital transformation with a Flex subscription programme can cherry pick from the vast AVEVA offering for what benefits them most while receiving the expert digital transformation support from SolutionsPT. It has never been easier to do business with us and make the most of our world-class industrial software solutions.” 

People first

For SolutionsPT, the first and foremost aspect of digital transformation is answering, how does this improve the life of the essential human operator? AVEVA Flex subscription programme gives operators a single cloud-hosted platform and empowers them with tools to align investment with value. The whole process can be self-managed and overcomes traditional barriers to software adoption while easing budgetary pressures with a reduction of upfront costs by as much as 65%.

Scalable solution

Business leaders can benefit even further than the monetary considerations with a scalable and outcome-focused approach. Flex Credits can be allocated across teams or different sites, making it easier than ever to add more under the same contract as business needs change. On top of regular software upgrades, the Flex programme can be tailored to specific business needs with ongoing expert technical support and services to accelerate time to value.