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Compact proportional solenoid valve

14 February 2019

Designed for the efficient regulation of air and gas flows across a broad range of applications and industry sectors, Magnet Schultz (MSL), has announced the introduction of a new compact proportional solenoid-controlled pneumatic valve range.

Available in 16mm and 20mm diameter variants, the new compact VPRM solenoid valve allows precise proportional control of air and gas in applications such as air pressure and air volume control in spray painting equipment, dosing of inert gas in welding, gas regulation in vehicle exhaust systems, gas and oxygen mixing in respirators and medical equipment, and in fuel cells for building and automotive energy generation, among others.

In contrast to the on/off valves typically deployed in these types of application, the VPRM units deliver the advantage of fully proportional, direct-acting gas flow control. The 16mm diameter VPRM unit is available in pressure supported open, closed and pressure balanced configuration. The 20mm diameter VPRM unit offers pressure supported open and pressure balanced configurations.

The compact VPRM units handle 16-bar static pressure in the armature space with nominal gas flow rates from 30 to 200 litres per minute. All variants feature fast response times, high linearity and low hysteresis, and a switching service life of 50 million cycles.

In standard specification, VPRM valves operate from a 12V DC supply, with electrical connection via free flexible lead ends. Voltages from 6V to 24V DC by special order.

For more info visit www.magnetschultz.co.uk/products/solenoids/fluidpower-solenoids-pneumatic