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Industry Update


Routeco enhances employer brand

29 November 2018

Leading technical distributor for control and automation products, Routeco is well known within industry, however as the products and services can be complex, people outside industry may not always ‘get’ what the company does; as a result the corporate brand has little recognition as an employer.

With this lack of recognition, high employment rates, and increasing STEM shortages it is, reports Routeco, becoming more difficult than ever than to fill positions. Recognising that positive employer branding helps to attract and retain employees, Routeco already has a strong, engaging culture with a lot to offer current and potential employees, and is taking steps to highlight this.

The company has developed, and with the support of Sonepar the Employer Brand Design, and through focus groups, interviews and feedback from engagement surveys, has established that Routeco is more than just a job. Employees feel recognised, appreciated, supported and trusted to make their career their own.

Routeco aims to showcase its business culture as an open, thoughtful and forward-thinking business that cares as much about its employees’ development as it does its customers.

The company has communicated its Employer Brand, and why it is important, to all employees via update sessions at branches and at Head Office, as well as updating the ‘working here’ pages of the website and we will continue promote its brand regularly through LinkedIn updates and involvement at career fairs through links to colleges and universities.

Find out more at Routeco/workinghere