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Best-in-class motion solutions for medical & industrial applications

19 October 2018

Portescap offers best-in-class solutions to meet the motion needs of medical and industrial applications. We serve performance-critical motion applications with a broad offering of miniature electronic motor product technologies – brushless DC, brush DC, stepper motors and linear actuators.

Portescap has one of the broadest ranges of products on the market for a wide range of specialisations, including medical devices and clinical diagnostics, instrumentation, security, aerospace, automation, robotics and any application that requires powerful miniature motion.

At Portescap, we are driven by a passion for innovation, technical excellence and providing world-class global service, and our collaborative design process provides standard and custom products that perfectly fit any application. Our vision is to serve performance-critical motion applications that save, improve and enhance lives.

The company’s mission is to solve problems and develop innovative motion solutions for critical end-market needs. It listens to its customers and leverages its deep technical expertise to collaborate closely with customers and prioritise personalized engineering support. The company’s team responds quickly to deliver a range of unique performance solutions that optimise systems with effectively priced technologies to enable its customers to achieve their goals while also maximising shareholder returns.

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