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Create user interfaces effortlessly with the ArtistaGUI-II TFT controller

08 August 2018

The ArtistaGUI-II enables smart communication via your network or RS-232

Display Technology, a specialist for TFT flat screens and system solutions for industrial and multimedia applications - presents the intelligent TFT controller ArtistaGUI-II. The TFT controller enables customers to create individual, intuitive user interfaces easily. The multi-function control unit offers an object-based display and communicates via networks or RS-232. Users can create a large variety of screen layouts and user interfaces suitable for a wide range of applications in minimal time.

Full functionality for intuitive operation

TFT displays have become a part of everyday life, streamlining efficiency across a number of industries. TFT displays have become multi-purpose, with kiosks aiming to attract attention, whilst other industries are implementing display and touch technology to increase efficiency in the work place. The use of TFT displays in medical and industrial applications has become essential. It is therefore crucial that the interface is clear and modern to deliver the best user experience. The ArtistaGUI-II has been designed with the ability to achieve this goal, simplifying device operation.

The ArtistaGUI-II provides the user with the ability to control the following functions:

  • Move objects directly
  • Edit measured values in online mode
  • Automatically change important parameters
  • Show and hide controls
  • Combine, rotate or zoom objects

The ArtistaGUI-II has been designed based on the Raspberry Pi (4 core, 1.2 GHz) and includes 4 GB of eMMC, which is great for storing macros, images, texts, fonts and videos. The user has the option to expand the storage volume as required via an SD card. The controller card offers full graphics capability for TFT displays up to a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels and is available in sizes 5 to 65 inches. The ArtistaGUI-II controls the PCAP touchscreens directly via the I²C or USB interface and ensures simple, interactive usability via gestures. With a wide operating temperature range of -20 to + 70° C it is ideal for outdoor use.

Design user interfaces effortlessly

With the ArtistaGUI-II you have the ability to create user applications and screen layouts using Qt 5.x, or the TARA Embedded Wizard using an easy to use software program. Alternatively Display Technology offers the service of creating your own unique user interface upon request.

TARA Systems' Embedded Wizard Software is ideal for creating custom user interfaces and screen layouts with the ArtistaGUI-II. The cost-effective and easy -to-use software offers various high-quality graphic objects to choose from, which users can combine, adjust, move, rotate or zoom in the editor according to their own needs using a drag-and-drop function. Actions such as touch buttons can easily be created.

Supporting QT 5.x software the ArtistaGUI-II can provide extensive internationalisation capabilities, database capabilities and XML support.