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Visitor experience showcases cutting edge technology

17 October 2018

When RS Components unveiled the new visitor experience and innovation hub at it’s corby headquarters earlier this year, it wasn’t simply a case of giving the huge reception area a redesign, it was, says RS Managing Director, Mike England, an opportunity to create a vision of what the company wanted to look like for the future.

“What we’ve been doing here in Corby is gradually working our way through the whole business to change the culture, the work environment, really the whole work flow; and one of the areas we are really passionate about is our visitor experience,” explains England. “We’ve got the RS Truck out on the road going round to schools and customers showcasing all the technologies, and we thought wouldn’t it be great to bring that look and feel into Corby.”

The space has been designed to showcase not just products and innovation, but the value-added services and the propositions the company can offer its customers, as well as conveying its forward thinking attitude. “We are bringing to life that we are here to take our customers on a journey to the future,” says England.
The space has a flexible modular layout that has been designed for continuous change. The company has trained a number of staff members to be ‘innovation avatars’.

“When we have visitors they will be available on call to come down and talk about the technologies products and really help bring it to life,” says England.
The items on display can be tailored to whoever is visiting at any particular time and there will always be a number of new tchnologies that are of gernaerl interest, such as a focus on virtual reality, robotics and 3D printing.  There are areas that focus on different parts of the design and manufacturing and are intended to provoke further conversation.

“It’s been amazing how people have embraced it across the organisation, says England. “And what it’s doing is putting innovation at the forefront of everything we do here.