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JBJ Techniques Ltd

jbj Techniques is a specialist supplier of high-quality products for the mechanical power transmission and fluid power sectors. The company offers a high level of in-house expertise plus a huge selection of products to meet a very broad range of customer applications. From specification, through technical advice and manufacture to after-sales support, jbj Techniques provides a comprehensive and valued service to the power transmission and hydraulics industries. The company fields a UK-wide team of technical sales engineers to ensure that the business is close to its customers, and it enjoys excellent associations with European manufacturers, acting as sole UK distributor in many cases. jbj’s team is recognised for its expertise in the selection and configuration of hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems. Able to draw on an that extensive product range provides the building blocks for bespoke systems both large and small, the in-house design team offers a complete service, ranging from an assessment of customer requirements to full technical backup, including product specification, CAD based system design, system build and certification. Moreover customers can take advantage of jbj’s own machine-shop facilities and skilled engineers guarantee to quality and control costs. jbj Techniques provides one of the widest ranges of couplings available within the UK; mechanical power transmission couplings for a vast range of applications. Ranging from miniature couplings, all steel gear couplings, flexible spider couplings, shaft couplings, torque limiting couplings, disc and grid type couplings, ATEX compliant and shaft locking devices. Magnetic couplings for power transmission between hermetically sealed areas. However as extensive as the selection is, couplings make up a fraction of jbj’s portfolio. As power transmission specialists the company stock and provide gearboxes, clutches, pumps, hydraulic motors, flow meters, fluid power accessories including: cooling & heat exchange products, reservoirs, pipe flanges, seals and level indicators, as well as a variety of bellhousings and engine adaptors, to name just a few of the product categories. jbj Techniques Limited is proud of it’s relationship and reputation with customers and suppliers. The core client base is stable and loyal, which is testament to the quality of service provided by the company. A similar relationship exists with suppliers, ensuring a continuing high quality service in which customers can have complete confidence.



Drive Line Harmony

jbj Techniques deal with customer needs; products for new systems design and support, and most importantly limiting existing machinery downtime.

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Pumps and Motors

What is your application? Which hydraulic pump or motor would best serve your purpose? Which size and specification of pump or motor will safely and cost effectively fulfill your requirements?

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Mechanical power transmission couplings . . . The expertise to specify the correct coupling to the needs of your system

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Bloodhound SSC

Specialist power transmission supplier jbj Techniques Limited and the BLOODHOUND SSC R&D engineering team to solve a problem on the fuel pump test rig

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Elika® Gear Pumps

ELIKA® helical gear pump; low noise, low pulsation gear pump reduces noise level by an average of 15 dBA.

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