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Plug-and-play product identification

01 May 2013

Meeting the need for easy-to-install and cost-effective product identification in storage, product handling and conveying, the new SICK CLV610 barcode scanner with CDF600-2 fieldbus module offers ‘plug-and-play’ rapid configuration and ease of use.

The three versions of the CLV610 – ECO, CAN and fieldbus – can be integrated with a wide range of factory automated control systems, including PROFIBUS, so it can be used as a replacement or new scanning resource almost anywhere. It is suitable for mounting to all common conveyor systems.

Tim Stokes AudoIdent product specialist for Sick (UK) says: "The SICK CLV610 scanner ensures excellent reading reliability where codes are well presented and SMART reconstruction is not required. Lower contrast codes present no problem and, with the scanning frequency adjustable up to 1000 scans/second, high read rates are delivered.

"The CLV610 is optimised for Tote Box reading and with its large depth of field and reading range it is ideal for any applications where reading performance is critical.”

Incorporating SICK’s intuitive SOPAS user interface and powerful IDpro platform, both common to all new SICK products, the SICK CLV610 can be rapidly set up and configured.


Data is transmitted by the SICK CLV610 to the control system in the desired format, instead of requiring additional programming in the remote controller or PLC, reducing processing time and possible errors. The parameter cloning facility enables a replacement scanner to be installed without time-consuming reconfiguration, and the scanner can even be used as a multiplexer for other CLV610 scanners, without additional hardware.