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Monitor machines out of eyesight

24 February 2014

WERMA Signaltechik provides a simple solution for the remote wireless monitoring of machinery.

The new "KombiSIGN reflect” product package can be integrated into existing signal towers which are already installed on your machines. 

Signal towers "reflection”

KombiSIGN reflect "reflects" the status of the machine to a signal tower within your line of sight. This enables you to wirelessly monitor machines situated a greater distance away and quickly respond to malfunctions. With KombiSIGN reflect, even machines which where not previously network-capable can now be remotely monitored.

KombiSIGN reflect is available for the WERMA KombiSIGN 70 and 71 signal tower ranges. The package consists of two elements that transmit and receive the data via radio signal (Slave and Master). 

KombiSIGN reflect: Simple "plug & play” integration

The two KombiSIGN reflect elements are synchronised and ready for immediate operation. The signal towers located on the machines can simply be fitted with the KombiSIGN reflect slave. A second, identical signal tower, which you have previously selected from WERMA’s KombiSIGN product range, is fitted with the KombiSIGN reflect master and placed within view. 

The status of the first tower is then immediately transmitted to the second tower where it is repeated one-on-one. The system uses the 868 MHz frequency band and has an unobstructed transmission range of up to 300 m. The indoor range may be less depending on the characteristics of the building.