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New connector ranges

27 December 2014

At Southern Manufacturing & Electronics 2015, Harting is featuring a number of new additions to its ranges of board-to-board and board-to-cable connectors, as well as a greatly expanded range of M12 connectors for instrumentation and control applications.   

A number of new additions to the har-flex(R) 1.27 mm robust circuit-board connector family are being featured which extend its versatility in a wide range of board-to-board and board-to-cable applications. Straight and angled connectors are now available as PCB models.

Together with the connectors for flat ribbon connection, PCBs can be combined into complex systems perfectly adapted to their surroundings. All har-flex(R) connectors are available with from 6 to 100 contacts, in increments of two. In addition to the connectors for flat ribbon connection, Harting also offers assembled cables.

The compact but rugged design of har-flex(R) also guarantees reliable operation under adverse conditions.

Two large hold-down clips ensure that the connectors are firmly held in place after the soldering. A low-wear insertion and withdrawal procedure is achieved by very smooth contact points between the male and female contacts. This is the result of special follow-up treatment during the punching process which Harting applies based on its extensive experience with punching technology.

For an uninterrupted production chain, the connector is delivered in packaging suitable for machines and can be processed in the SMT solder process. In spite of the rugged design, har-flex(R) connectors are also suitable for high data rates, which means that they can handle modern transfer protocols such as Gigabit Ethernet or PCI Express.

Also new are a number of enhancements to the har-flexicon(R) series of PCB terminals and connectors. har-flexicon is a miniaturised individual conductor PCB connection technology featuring 1.27 mm spacing and ideally suited to field assembly. Consisting of a pluggable SMD terminal block, with IDC wire connection, har-flexicon(R) allows the rapid, toolless termination of single wires directly on to a PCB, with the benefits of low processing costs, compatibility with automatic SMT mounting and reflow soldering processes, and a high level of rigidity with large-area SMT fixings. 

New har-flexicon(R) developments include SMD PCB terminals and connectors with 2.54-mm spacing for use with single-strand wiring in measurement, control and feedback technology. Rigid and flexible conductors with cross-sections from 0.14 to 0.5 mm² are contacted simply and quickly with push-in spring force termination technology. Straight and angled components with from 2 to 12 positions are available for the PCB. For cross-sections up to 2.5 mm², reflow products with push-in spring force termination technology are available as PCB terminals and PCB connectors. 

Among new products in Harting's M12 connector family is a field-installable X-coded M12 connector for Gigabit Ethernet range of applications. This new slimline version features IDC connection technology, and is ideally suited to automation applications where a cable needs to be attached quickly or adapted on site. Also new is a PCB connector based on MID technology that allows M12 connectors to be easily integrated into devices such as switches and routers. 

Harting Integrated Solutions - the company's contract manufacturing operation - is featuring its electronics assembly capabilities, along with its expertise in project development, prototyping, test and evaluation. The company is an ISO9001 supplier, and its Northampton based manufacturing facility designs, manufactures and tests high-speed multi-layer backplanes and integrates them into card frames and enclosures. Cable assemblies from simple ribbon to advanced wiring looms are also offered. Stand D26