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Sensor options doubled

14 September 2015

Zettlex has expanded its range of IncOder inductive angle encoders, more than doubling the number of potential configuration variants.

Zettlex IncOders are high precision, inductive encoders aimed at high reliability measurement of angle or angular velocity. Their non-contact design means they are ideally suited to harsh conditions – for example where there is condensation or dust, where potentiometers, optical or capacitive devices may prove unreliable.

The new expanded range includes 37mm (mini), 58mm (midi) and 300mm (maxi) diameter sizes. In addition, there is a new range of external mount stators and shaft clamp rotors, providing a wider choice of installation options for designers; increased options on connections, cabling, and measurement resolutions; improved measurement performance with faster update rates; the ability to select how many counts per revolution the IncOder produces.

"The demand for IncOders continues to grow and Zettlex has responded with even greater product choice,” said Mark Howard, Zettlex general manager. "We are already seeing significant, volume demand for the new mini and midi models and the economies of scale realised from larger production volumes are making IncOders an affordable alternative for mainstream industrial applications.”