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EEF launches new Energy Services for manufacturers

07 June 2016

EEF, the manufacturers’ organisation, is offering companies a free diagnostic session to mark the launch of a new service to help manufacturers save money and improve sustainability through carbon and energy management.

EEF’s new Energy Services is a one-stop-shop of specialist sustainability solutions that spans ISO50001 implementation, managed metering services, energy efficiency, carbon and energy compliance and professional training, through to setting a carbon and energy strategy.

It brings EEF’s full range of sustainability solutions under one umbrella and one specialist consultancy team. The move is designed to provide manufacturers with a more holistic approach to an area that is growing in strategic importance, but which is also highly technical and involves complicated and ever-evolving regulation.

At the same time the company has boosted the support it can offer by adding managed metering services to the range. This service is designed to help firms tackle unnecessarily high energy costs by identifying where and why energy waste occurs. It provides comprehensive and reliable data that justifies and validates energy efficiency implementation and can provide important benchmarks and data for achieving certification for energy management systems.

Energy affordability is a concern for over eight in ten manufacturers (83%), while energy spend represents over 6% of total turnover for over a quarter of UK manufacturing companies[1]. The launch of Energy Services is the latest step in EEF’s drive to support manufacturers in their efforts to manage such risks and harness opportunities from sustainability.

Earlier this year it established a series of regional ISO14001 transitioning hubs to help businesses meet new requirements and make the most of their environmental management systems.

James Wyse, National Sustainability Lead at EEF, says: “We’re excited about the launch of Energy Services as it’s the first time we’ve pulled all our energy, environment and sustainability services together to provide businesses with one cohesive, comprehensive and complete view.

“It’s an important step because sustainability is of growing strategic importance to businesses but remains a challenging and complicated area. There is a pressing need to manage risks and harness opportunities, but very few firms have the in-house skills and knowledge to do this. By bringing all our services under one umbrella we can provide a more holistic and seamless service, while also making it easier for companies to understand what expertise they actually need to tackle their own particular concerns.”