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Cone Drive

Cone Drive Operations, Inc.

With more than 90 years of manufacturing experience, Cone Drive is an industry leader in precision motion control technology and precision power performance solutions. Cone Drive is a globally integrated business with operations on three continents serving a wide range of precision motion control technology. We have extensive experience with providing mechanical drive application solutions for companies all over the globe that serve leading industries, including the following:

  • Solar Energy
  • Packaging and Food Processing
  • Material Handling
  • Mining and Metals
  • Construction
  • Aerial Lifts and Work Platforms
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Defense
  • Robotics
  • Satellite Communication
  • Plastics
  • Medical
  • Oil and Gas

Our products are renowned for their torque density, precision, durability, and quality. Cone Drive’s more than 200 years of cumulative experience delivers cutting edge precision motion control solutions exceeding customer expectations with the highest level of detailed engineering, lean manufacturing and quality assurance available in the global marketplace. We work with our customers every step of the way from design specifications to the final solution to create highly precise and specific products that keep our customers’ technology at the forefront of their industry.

To send enquiries & for local support for all European customers to contact Mike Page, Director of European sales on 44 (0)7599 516240, mpage@conedrive.com.



Harmonic Solutions

Cone Drive Harmonic Solutions® (also known as strain wave gearing) offer the ultimate in precision motion control technology.

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Stainless Steel Solutions

Powerful, Clean Solutions with a Stainless Reputation. Cone Drive’s stainless steel precision motion gearboxes are designed for sterile manufacturing environments.

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Slewing Solutions

H-Fang Brand Slewing Solutions. Cone Drive’s slewing drives employ precision motion technology that provides a large ratio in a single stage of gearing.

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Double-Enveloping Worm Gear Sets

Precise and powerful custom solutions. Cone Drive is the world leader in double-enveloping worm gear technology.

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Precision Motion Control Solutions

Accudrive Product Family. The breadth of products within the Accudrive product family, will exceed the most demanding needs in motion control applications.

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Power Transmission Solutions

High Torque. High Precision. Our Power Transmission Solutions are designed with torque in mind.

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