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Free 60-Minute Guide to Motor Maintenance released by Quantum Controls

02 February 2017

The five most common causes of motor failure relate to bearings, stator windings, external conditions and rotor bar and shaft couplings. But if specified, installed and maintained correctly, there is no reason why a modern electric motor should fail.

Having been the UK’s largest supplier of ABB electric motors since 1994, Quantum has identified many trends in motor failures, recently releasing a free guide for engineers which covers the common causes of motor failure and tips on how to minimise the risk.

Quantum’s guide takes engineers through each cause in detail, identifying that the main causes of bearing problems are insufficient or incompatible greases, overheating, overloading, contamination or high ambient temperatures and humidity. These all have a severe impact on an electric motor and if not addressed, can lead to a 50% reduction in life expectancy.

Their guide offers tips to overcome these and other issues, including how often you need to check and re-lubricate motor bearings, the best way to avoid misalignment and how to  deal with issues like soft foot.

Written exclusively for busy engineers just like yourself, it covers every aspect of industrial electric motor maintenance in a format that is concise, easy to understand and is a point of reference for now and the future.

Order your guide today, completely free of charge, at www.motorsguide.co.uk