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Is it the end for traditional PLCs?

03 May 2019

In the last twenty years, the global control landscape across food and beverage plants have been dominated by the traditional Programmable Logic Controller. Having just one manufacturers range of equipment has brought a range of benefits to the End User lowering downtime and increasing efficiency. However, Schneider Electric believe that until recently there has been a drastic increase in speed and flexibility demands that are currently challenging the use of traditional PLCs.

There is no longer a need for manufacturers to convince end users to use picking and packaging lines. Schneider Electric are witnessing increasing demands for faster lines that require multiple robots and sequenced motion axes. These need to fit into existing factories that have limited space and be fully IIOT enabled.

The traditional PLC based architecture becomes more and more limited as the number of robots increases – since fast robots each typically require one PLC system. Therefore, they will be phased out in favour of a new generation of ultra-high-performance motion and robotic controllers, that also have PLC sequence capability – available at Schneider Electric.