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Eco-friendly spill clearing

19 July 2021

DEALING WITH a messy oil leak is one issue, but cleaning it up in an eco-unfriendly way is another. In the unfortunate event that an oil spill does occur, nobody wants to be the person that spends ages mopping it up – that’s where oil and fuel absorbent pads come in.

Although most spill kits are extremely effective at quickly clearing up spills, their use of plastic materials that are sourced from around the globe can be quite damaging to the environment, which is never a great image for any business.

Addressing this, Midlands-based industrial suppliers, First Mats, has introduced a new, more eco-friendly way of clearing up oil and fuel spills.

Produced in the UK to reduce transportation emissions, the range of spill kits include hygro oil absorbent pads that soak up more fuel and oil as they don’t become saturated with water.

The company even stocks Evo spill kits that are all manufactured from sustainable recycled cotton fibres. As such, they are reported to have a much lower carbon footprint than many of the alternative spill pad options which are made from the harmful plastic by-product, polypropylene.

Cost-effective and reliable, the range of oil and fuel absorbent pads provides durability and high absorbance, thanks to the high-loft construction to clean up most non-hazardous fluids. This includes oils, coolants and anything water or solvent-based, making them suitable for use across a wide range of workplaces.

Users can choose from absorbent pads, rolls, or socks, all of which come supplied in strong plastic wrap, for easy storage and restocking.

Available with free mainland UK delivery on orders over £45 + VAT, new products from First Mats are delivered in just two to three days.