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FANUC UK offers free trial of simulation software

15 June 2020

As part of an initiative to get production back up and running, FANUC UK is offering free trials of its ROBOGUIDE and CNC GUIDE simulation software until the end of September 2020.

Both programs are designed to enhance productivity by providing users with the ability to run offline simulations from standard PC equipment. With the manufacturing industry looking to ramp up production, efficiency-boosting software such as FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE and CNC GUIDE will play a critical role as we emerge from the lockdown.

Andy Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK, comments: “The past few months have been challenging for the manufacturing industry, with many factories operating at very limited capacity. The road ahead will be difficult, but one thing is for certain: businesses that combine efficiency and flexibly of production, with the expertise of their employees, will be best positioned to bounce back.

“Our ROBOGUIDE and CNC GUIDE software allows users to get the most out of their equipment, boosting efficiency to the highest level possible. We want to support customers in their recovery, which is why anyone who registers through our online portal by 30th June will have access to the free trial, and a 25% discount on the full product when the trial ends.”

ROBOGUIDE simulates the motion of FANUC robots, as well as the overall production process, and can be used for offline programming as well as creating a 3D simulation environment to design and optimise applications efficiently. This can then be transferred to robot controllers in the production via Ethernet connection, thus minimising machine downtime.

It features an integrated CAD database that gives users access to all FANUC robots, machines, and simple tools, which means even complex applications with multiple robots can be simulated and tested. This provides an enormous efficiency advantage for both system integrators and end users.

CNC GUIDE emulates the FANUC CNC exactly, allowing users to write, simulate and test part programs on their computer. Machine tool builders can use it to support their customers remotely, simulating machine programs and providing advice in case of programming errors.

CNC GUIDE is also useful for educational institutions that offer training for CNC programming. Since it shows the keyboard of a real FANUC CNC, the operation of FANUC controllers can also be trained in the form of distance learning on a PC without the need for a real machine tool.

Andy concludes: “As we embark on life after lockdown, it is likely that manufacturers will become more aware of the potential benefits of automation. Offering free trials of ROBOGUIDE and CNC GUIDE will facilitate a greater understanding of how automation can increase productivity, and ultimately benefit the industry as a whole.”

To download the free ROBOGUIDE and CNC GUIDE trial, please visit: https://special-offer.fanuc.eu/en/