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Fast-improvement manufacturing programme

30 August 2022

RENOVOTEC IS launching a 'fast improvement manufacturing programme' designed to deploy those technologies that have the greatest impact on supply chain manufacturing.

Renovotec’s latest move is a market response to its analysis of manufacturing user needs. Technology drivers for its fast improvement manufacturing programme include next-generation RFID (radio frequency identification), fixed industrial scanners and production line smart cameras.

“Next-generation RFID is cheaper to acquire and more flexible to deploy, while the latest generation of FIS fixed industrial scanners and MV machine vision smart cameras can track manufacturing assets and processes with great speed and accuracy, thanks to sensor technology and data analytics,” says Renovotec CEO Richard Gilliard. “In combination these technologies can enable productivity improvements of 30%.”

To help users deploy Renovotec will offer six months free support on FIS and MV products. Uniquely in its industry, Renovotec offers rental as well as purchase options on its chosen product portfolio. Gartner’s worldwide user IT forecast for 2022 reveals a 5% drop in spending on devices, suggesting new potential for rental according to Renovotec.

By 2025, new generations of RFID and/or electronic tagging will feature as a core component in 20% of technology solutions deployed across supply chain networks, according to Gartner in its report: ‘Adopt Next-Gen RFID Tags to Transform Technology Deployments Across the Supply Chain’.

In the 2020 Gartner ‘Supply Chain Technology User Wants and Needs Survey’ 59% of respondents ranked RFID and other forms of electronic tagging techniques as ‘important’. Gartner recommends that users should ‘adopt RFID as a viable technology option’.