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OMRON completes panel solutions line-up with 237 new models

02 January 2020

OMRON has launched the sixth wave of its factory automation control devices built on a common design platform for further innovation in control panel building.

The new products include 237 models in 6 categories low voltage switch gear: J7KC, J7TC, J7MC, J7KCA and J7KCR series low voltage switching gears (LVSG), S8V-CP series DC electronic circuit protectors, and PTF-XX-PU socket for LY relays with Push-In Plus technology.

With its Value Design products, OMRON’s goal is to provide a complete solution to panel builders, while saving space and reducing the workload and total cost of ownership. To achieve this, OMRON introduced Panel Solution, a unified design and size for control panel equipment, together with the company's proprietary wiring method, screwless Push-In Plus technology. Manuela Mazza, Product Marketing Manager for Switching Components at Omron Europe comments: “OMRON’s LVSG offers a total package for a wide range of motor application in every industry, and the Push-In Plus technology has been developed for high vibration environments. The cable will be always perfectly connected thanks to the strong retention of the spring.” 

Since the first introduction in April 2016, Omron has expanded the product line-up built on the common design platform to 17,250 models in 53 categories, making it the largest line-up in the industry. The products have been adopted on the front line of manufacturing by more than 15,000 global companies that have been for example able to reduce the control panel size by approximately 30% and the wiring lead time by half. The line-up now covers almost all devices needed for control panels from machine automation controllers and timers to switching gears. With the introduction of the LVSG Series, Omron covers 80% of all the components needed in a panel.

OMRON has set forth a strategic concept called "innovative-Automation" consisting of three innovations or "i's"--"integrated" (control evolution), "intelligent" (development of intelligence by ICT), and "interactive" (new harmonization between people and machines). OMRON is committed to bringing innovation to manufacturing sites by materializing this concept. With a wide range of factory automation devices with the unified design platform, OMRON will continue to work with manufacturers and panel builders to innovate manufacturing.

Overview of the new products:

Low Voltage Switching Gears: J7KC, J7TC, J7MC, J7KCA, and J7KCR

Low voltage switching gears with Push-In Plus technology are ideal for motor applications including conveyors and pumps, for example for PCB assembly lines, packaging machines and machine tools.

Thanks to the unified design, the efficiency of customer control panel production is increased by reducing design work in the upstream design phase, maintenance work while saving space.

LVSG Specifications:

  • Connection method: Terminal block with Push-In Plus technology
  • Main lineups: Magnetic Contactor (J7KC), Thermal Overload Relay (J7TC), Auxiliary Relay (J7KCA), Manual Motor Starter (J7MC), Reversing Magnetic Contactor (J7KC-R)
  • Applicable motor: AC-3 class 2.2 kW (240 VAC) max., 5.5 kW (440 VAC) max.

DC Electronic Circuit Protectors: S8V-CP

The DC Electronic Circuit Protectors, S8V-CP series realizes branches of the 24 VDC load and offers reliable protection for each branch. Compared with general thermal magnetic circuit protectors, 8-branch models can reduce the width by approximately 70%. In addition, it is possible to perform reliable tripping with electronic circuits. The rated output current can be changed in the range of 2 A to 10 A, making it possible to respond to sudden design changes. Push-In Plus terminal blocks contribute to less wiring work and equipment downsizing. 

S8V-CP Specifications:

  • Connection method:Terminal block with Push-In Plus technology
  • Branch specification:8 outputs, 4 outputs, 4 outputs with UL Class 2
  • Rated voltage:24 VDC
  • Rated output current (variable):2 A, 3 A, 4 A, 6 A, 8 A, and 10 A
  • Rated output current (fixed): 3.8 A fixed (UL Class 2 output type)

Sockets with Push-In Plus technology: PTF-□□-PU

Sockets with Push-In Plus technology PTF-□□-PU series are added to the PTF Socket series for LY Bi-power Relays to reduce wiring and maintenance work. With the introduction of this socket, Omron’s line-ups of G2RS, MY, and LY relays can be mounted on Push-In Plus sockets using the unified wiring method and tools, contributing to further efficiency.


  • Connection method:Terminal block with Push-In Plus technology
  • Dimensions 2-pole model: W: 24.8 mm, D: 70.1 mm, H: 90 mm
  • Dimensions 4-pole model: W: 43.4 mm, D: 52.1 mm, H: 90 mm
  • Continuous carry current:10 A
  • Applicable products:LY Bi-power Relays, G3H/G3HD, G9H SSRs, E5L Electronic thermostats