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Omron awards suppliers with green certification

11 December 2019

Industrial automation expert, Omron, has recently celebrated the green certification of 13 European suppliers of finished goods at its headquarters in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands.

As part of its global sustainable procurement activities, OMRON promotes green procurement by proactively adopting materials that do not contain any hazardous chemical substances. This helps minimise the negative environmental impact across the supply chain.

Omron has granted the certification to suppliers that have met all quality criteria for OMRON’s green supplier certification, for the first time in Europe. The criteria include for example establishing an EMS for environmental management and a CMS for management of chemical substances contained in products.

“The benefits of the green certification program include mitigating the risk of product non-compliance, reaching sustainability goals related to the supply chain, as well as transparent communication to customers of the compliance status of our products,“ said Annarita Ianniello, responsible for Supplier Risk Management at Omron Europe. “With the certification, our suppliers can highlight the quality of their materials, and prove their commitment to sustainability in their processes.

“By implementing a PDCA (plan-do-check-act) improvement management cycle together with our suppliers, we can continuously improve sustainability in our supply chain. I am proud of our purchasing and compliance departments, as well as all the suppliers for the effort put into the certification process during the past year,” Ianniello concluded.

“These efforts in sustainable procurement have also helped us to be recognized with the EcoVadis Gold Medal on corporate social responsibility (CSR) at OMRON Corporation level,” said Eleanora Denna, European Product Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Omron Europe. “With a score of 64 out of 100, we are very happy to be ranked in the top 5% among companies within our industry. With this CSR rating we can ensure compliance with the CSR policies of our customers and suppliers, and throughout the entire supply chain.”

Based on the company principles, Omron Group strives to create a sustainable society across the world, by supplying products and services that contribute positively to the global environment, while maximizing the effective use of resources. The company aims to complete evaluations for all suppliers globally during fiscal 2019.