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Safe handling of motion & dynamics

15 October 2019

Machine areas that continue running after switching off are often part of automated production processes. Safety interlocking devices with guard locking such as the new SLC (Safety Lock) ensure that protective guards, safety doors and other covers stay closed as long as a dangerous condition exists.

The SLC (Safety Lock) has been re-thought and is in many respects a functionally optimised development of the classic guard locking switch SLK from BERNSTEIN. This is a safe mechanical interlock with guard locking. During development, it was above all important to reduce the functions to the essentials, to focus on the customers primary requirements and in particular to keep an eye on economic efficiency.

Mechanically stressed components, such as the rotating head, are made of metal. This makes it extremely robust and durable. The plastic housing, on the other hand, is light and functional. "The integrated M12 connector makes it particularly easy for the customer to connect to his machine. The possibility of flexible contact assembly is also user-friendly: We can discuss and consider the specific requirements of our customers individually," confirms Marcus Scholz, product manager at BERNSTEIN.

If the guard locking has to be opened when the machine is switched off for installation or maintenance, the SLC is equipped with a sealed manual release on its front side, which can be released once with an allen key or cross screwdriver. In addition to the manual unlocking function, the SLC offers further functions that enable quick intervention if required. Emergency exit or release are available as accessories/

In case of an emergency the emergency exit allows an immediate opening of the safety guard from within the dangerous area. To do so the emergency exit is located at the back of the SLC. The emergency release is – like the manual release – located on the front of the SLC to enable an immediate opening of the safety guard from outside the hazardous area.

The new SLC from BERNSTEIN AG is particularly suitable wherever safety switches are used for machine safety - for example in packaging, woodworking, milling, food processing machines or injection moulding machines, to name just a few examples.