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Take a different view of vision

02 January 2020

AutoCoding Systems and SICK UK are holding two one day events where they’ll be demonstrating their new innovation in vision, the 4Sight automatic print inspection solution.

If you sometimes have problems with partially printed, poor quality or missing codes on your products, you’ll be interested in seeing how 4Sight can resolve these issues. 

The free one-day events are being held at AutoCoding’s demonstration suite in Runcorn on Tuesday 11th February and at SICK UK’s offices in St Albans on Thursday 13th February. Visitors are being invited to see at first-hand how the 4Sight solution can check for presence, legibility and location of print, as well as deal with varying qualities of print.

The 4Sight software is powered by SICK AppSpace and uses the InspectorP range of 2D cameras to create a camera-based solution for multiple inspection methods.  The software is resident on the SICK camera, communicating directly with any brand of printer, with no requirement to “teach” the camera what to look for; the software understands the intended message for printing.  4Sight’s automatic set-up means there is no requirement for operators to configure features or regions of interest; the camera automatically adjusts, coping easily with variations in artwork, background and text location.

A unique feature of 4Sight is “Inspection Depth”.  By offering users different levels of inspection, they can decide what level of inspection they need.  4Sight can be used to confirm presence, legibility and location of printed code, but the standard product can also be configured to OCR thereby checking the accuracy of the printed code. Users can also determine acceptable print quality tolerances and define what is considered a good read, bad read or no read on a per product basis.  

The versatility of 4Sight means that as well as operating seamlessly with AutoCoding, or other code deployment software, the application can be used as a standalone solution or directly connected to a printer.

Managing Director, Mike Hughes, commented, “Inspecting printed codes, particularly at continuous inkjet speed, has always been fraught with challenges, making living with a print vision system quite difficult in terms of nuisance stops or false rejections, causing unnecessary line stops.  4Sight uses new and innovative methods for print inspection, simplifying the process and making vision accessible to all budgets.” 

Each Technology Day will start at 9.30am and finish no later than 4.00pm.  Registration is required by completing the form on either the AutoCoding website, www.autocodingsystems.com or the SICK UK website https://s.sick.com/4Sightevent

Who should attend?

Anyone involved with the automated printing and marking of products or packaging who needs to ensure that the marking is verified, correct and legible will be interested in this event.

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