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Temperature Transmitters For Liquids & Gases

01 November 2012

Sick has extended its Industrial Instrumentation offering with a range of temperature sensors, now enabling customers to benefit from the quality and reliability of Sick products in all core process technologies for level, flow, pressure and temperature control.

Since its launch three years ago, Sick’s Industrial Instrumentation Division has grown to deliver comprehensive factory process engineering applications, all benefiting from the Sick product pedigree of quality, robustness and reliability.

The five new temperature transmitters for measurement and monitoring of liquids and gases offer customers the complete choice from basic temperature switches through to hygienic-grade thermometers designed for controlled environments such as the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Each new Sick TBS, TCT, TBT, TSP or THT sensor meets the company’s rigorous standards for rugged design, universal application, adaptability and quick installation and commissioning.

Sick’s Industrial Instrumentation range now encompasses five ranges of temperature transmitters, eight level sensor technologies, five families of pressure sensors and two different flow metering solutions. With a range of technologies to ensure the optimum choice for any application, and a comprehensive selection of designs and fittings including hygienic stainless steel models to meet FDA and EHEDG guidelines, the industrial sensors cover virtually every aspect of process and manufacturing control.