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Definitive guide to the big six flowmeter technologies

15 September 2020

FLOW REMAINS one of the most frequently measured process variables in industry. ABB Measurement and Analytics has released a whitepaper describing the big six flowmeter technologies and when and how to use them.

Flow is one of the most widely measured process variables in industry. With the wide variety of different flowmeter types on offer, it can be difficult to know which can present the best solution for specific applications. This whitepaper looks at the features and benefits of each of the six most widely flowmeter technologies to help demystify the decision-making process and help customers select the right flowmeter for their requirements.

There are three things to consider when choosing the right flowmeter; the media and application, the accuracy required and the cost or budget.

When considering the media type for example, it is not simply a case of defining it as a liquid or gas. If it is a liquid it could be clean, dirty, conductive, or corrosive. The flow could be pulsating or could be reversed. If it is a gas it could be wet, clean, steam, contaminated or again corrosive. Each flowmeter type will have advantages and limitations in each of these areas.

To support the paper there is a pre-recorded webinar on this topic as well as presentations by product managers at ABB on how each of the available technologies work making it simple to select the best instrument for your application.

The Big 6 flowmeter technologies whitepaper is available for download here: https://bit.ly/ABBFlowWP