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ASM Sensors

We develop, manufacture and market mechatronic Position Sensors for use in industrial applications.

Thanks to our wealth of expertise, amassed over several decades, we have attained a leading role in the field of position measurement and have set industry standards.

We provide well-known national and international companies with top-quality, high-tech products. Our customers include companies from all sectors of industry, such as mechanical and plant engineering, automotive production, aeronautics, medical engineering, the steel industry, wood processing, commercial vehicles, the foodstuffs industry and warehousing technology.

Our innovative products enable us to help automate processes, test systems and components and increase safety in the workplace.


ASM Sensors Posiwire

The POSIWIRE® series of fully submersible wire draw sensors offer up to 10000mm of linear measurement for the toughest of environments including OFF-SHORE and OFF-HIGHWAY vehicle applications.

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ASM Sensors Positape

The NEW POSITAPE® range of rugged Tape Extension Sensors offers up to 20000mm of linear measurement
for the harshest environments, particularly MOBILE WORKING MACHINE & OFF-HIGHWAY vehicle applications.

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ASM Sensors Posichron

The POSICHRON® product family offers a wide range of non-contact linear sensors in various profile styles to suit many different applications. Units are available up to a stroke length of 5750mm for all profile types including “In-Cylinder” solutions.

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ASM Sensors Posimag

The POSIMAG® range of both linear and rotary, non-contacting incremental encoders are very compact and have the ability to work at high speed with a resolution to 1µm. The linear encoder tape is available in lengths up to 50000mm. The linear units are available in three options.

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ASM Sensors Posirot

The POSIROT® range of PRAS (Analogue) and PRDS (Digital) Rotary Sensors are based around a contact free,
magnetically coupled encoder device which has been developed to work in rugged and harsh environments.

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ASM Sensors Positilt

The POSITILT® range of PTAM (Analogue) and PTDM (Digital) inclinometers use MEMS technology as the operating principle for the Tilt Sensors which are available in a wide range of housings offering either single or dual axis outputs.

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