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Scalable safety integration for small applications

16 July 2013

Bringing the advantages of integrated safety technology to small, cost-sensitive applications, B&R has launched the SafeLOGIC-X virtual safety solution.

Covering from safe I/O and drive technology to integrated diagnostics, safe line integration and safe machine options, the SafeLOGIC-X solution is programmed using the SafeDESIGNER editor in Automation Studio, just like the hardware-based SafeLOGIC solution. This means that when a system outgrows its SafeLOGIC-X solution, it is no trouble at all to switch to a dedicated SafeLOGIC controller.

The safety applications can be scaled and configured to meet the requirements of systems of any size. As safe input and output modules are added to a SafeLOGIC safety controller, existing programming code can simply be reused without having to make a single change. Switching over also doesn't require recertification, another benefit that saves both time and money.

This type of unlimited scalability guarantees system continuity right from the start while also ensuring a uniform approach to engineering and diagnostics – two factors vital to increasing the availability of systems and machines.