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Kick start your design with a FREE trial development kit

10 September 2013

Nexus, specialist in rugged, industrial memory, will be offering visitors to the Engineering Design Show that have a valid design application they wish to kick-start into prototype stage, a six week trial of its development kits.

Nexus will help you avoid design headaches and reap the benefits of a superior design. Getting your design right first time and to market quickly is a challenge engineers face and obsolescence of components affects 19% of companies!

In a recent article in new electronics, Stuart Kelly, chair of Component Obsolescence Group comments: "Obsolescence drives counterfeiting; it’s a high risk area and managers looking for alternative products need to be careful.”

Getting the design right first time should not be about using the easiest route by designing in consumer memory products that will ‘do the job’ short term, but it is about using specialist products that are fit for purpose and which guarantee supply and availability throughout the lifetime of the embedded device; whether that be in five or twenty five years time.

When it comes to designing memory into a device, cost should not be the driver, but the manufacturer’s proven experience at designing superior products that will protect the engineer’s reputation long-term and provide an on-going revenue through supply of additional memory keys and tokens to their customers.

A little forward thinking pays off in the long-term, so visit Nexus on Stand K15 to see if you qualify for a FREE trial development kit and start reaping the benefits.