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Next generation PAC has open Ethernet technology at its core

09 April 2014

Global specialist in energy management, Schneider Electric, has launched Modicon M580 – the next generation PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) with open Ethernet technology at its core.

The key component of PlantStruxure, the company’s integrated automation architecture, the controller was developed in response to Industry 4.0 market trends demanding that automation control systems are open to connect to an ever increasing array of intelligent devices. In fact, the M580 can connect all field devices, such as variable speed drives, HMI, SCADA, motor starters, electrical distribution and energy management functions, in to one complete and open system.

The device offers significant performance improvements to end-users, as its Native IP routing eliminates communication co-processors, protocol conversions and bottlenecks, resulting in outstanding levels of transparency.

As the backplane of the Modicon M580 ePAC uses standard unmodified Ethernet/IP, it is open and easy for end-users to integrate existing solutions directly into PlantStruxure architectures. Further to this, the device’s in-built web-server is based on latest HTML5 and together with an in-rack Wi-Fi module, it is ready to support Android and IOS smart devices for easy remote access, commissioning and diagnostics. As a result maintenance time can be drastically reduced.

The Modicon M580 has Achilles Level 2 certification, meaning it is robust to the threat of cyber-attack, providing security settings for access and web services including password authentication and IP filtering.