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Siemens & Aggregate Industries enter strategic partnership

06 August 2014

Aggregate Industries and Siemens have announced a landmark strategic partnership that will see over £2m invested in cutting edge technologies to serve the growing construction sector.

The deal will see Aggregate Industries join with Siemens in a strategic partnership which will provide industrial equipment and support, with the objective of helping the business improve productivity, energy consumption and reduce both firms environmental impact.

The deal, which lasts until September 2015, will also see Siemens undertake a comprehensive energy and drive train review for 250 of Aggregate Industry’s sites. This is alongside the installation of technologies that will help reduce its energy consumption.

Aggregate Industries is a leading supplier of construction and infrastructure materials in an industry which is undergoing a period of rapid growth, following years of contraction due to the financial crisis.

As well as undertaking a review of UK sites and investment in a portfolio of technologies, Siemens will invest £10,000 to support Aggregate Industries’ apprenticeship programme in a joint venture with Leicestershire’s Stephenson’s College. This investment means apprentices will be trained on equipment in the college that is the same as equipment installed on Aggregate Industries’ sites.

The partnership will focus on three core areas: drive train technologies (industrial motors for quarries, asphalt and building materials sites); automation solutions (control room systems); and process instrumentation (for measuring weight, level and flow).

The commercial partnership with Aggregate Industries, will also offer the company scaled rebates on all purchases made with Siemens. Siemens provided a complete turnkey solution, with design, installation, commissioning and validation all overseen by professional project management to maximise the success of the UK wide programme.