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Low life-cycle costs

16 October 2014

Originally conceived to handle severe pumping applications in the oil and gas industries, Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps from Wanner International are claimed to have the lowest Life-cycle Cost (LCC) of any high pressure pump in their class.

With options available that meet the requirements of API 674, the pumps feature hydraulically balanced, multiple diaphragms in a single pump head. They are designed to replace packed triplex plunger pumps and their associated problems. They provide zero leakage, can run dry indefinitely without causing damage to the pump and can pump abrasive fluids effectively.

Costly seal maintenance is eliminated and because the plungers in the Hydra-Cell pumps never come into contact with the pumped liquid, hence they have a far longer service life than those in plunger pumps.

Having no dynamic seals, they can also accommodate the hot liquids that damage the packings and seals in other pumps.

In Hydra-Cell T-Series pumps the crank oil and process liquid are completely separated by the diaphragms, eliminating oil contamination and the need for frequent oil changes. 

The T8045 version is able to deliver liquid flows up to 170 litre/min at 207 bar, whereas the T8030 is rated at 345 bar and 98 litre/min, with API 674 options available for both.