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Pumps handle aggressive chemicals

31 August 2017

Wanner International claims that using Hydra-Cell seal-less diaphragm pumps can eliminate the problem of pumps failing through running dry, or becoming damaged due to pumping corrosive liquids.

Pumps with dynamic seals rely on seepage of the pumped liquid for seal lubrication. Dry running at best, causes the seals to wear and could result in seizure and catastrophic pump failure. Seepage of corrosive and noxious liquids through seals is a further problem for conventional rotary pumps.

Hydra-Cell pumps have no dynamic seals and can run dry indefinitely without problem. Seal maintenance is eliminated and being totally leak free, they provide 100% containment of all pumped liquids, removing any possibility of dangerous liquids or vapours leaking to atmosphere.

An extensive range of ‘liquid end’ materials, including Hastelloy,  Duplex and Super Duplex steels and Kynar PvDF, ensures Hydra-Cell pumps can handle virtually any liquid, reliably and efficiently and because the pumps are seal-less they can pump liquids containing abrasive particles and even slurries with ease.

Exceeding the performance requirements of API 675 in terms of repeatability, linearity and steady state accuracy, the Hydra-Cell pump’s multi-diaphragm configuration generates virtually pulse-less flow, removing the need for pulsation dampeners in most applications.